[VIDEO] Argentina underwater & beyond

This video is the summary of my Argentinian adventure of 2013.  I made a tour of Argentina from Iguazu to Tierra del Fuego, via Buenos Aires and Patagonia. I went scuba diving in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, with southern king crabs (Centollas) and with sea lions in Puerto Madryn, Patagonia . On the way, I also enjoyed  hiking along Perito Moreno Glacier and watching tango dancers in Buenos Aires. This trip will remain as one of my off the beaten track scuba diving adventure.

Read the full story of my dives in Ushuaia on “A foretaste of Antarctica in Ushuaia, Argentina

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  2. […] mon vanity le tout pour plus d’un mois de voyage! Mon plus grand exploit avec aura été mon voyage en Argentine, avec des vêtements adaptés pour Iguazu (climat tropical) jusqu’à Ushuaïa (climat […]


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