Month: January 2015

2 weeks in the Philippines: island hopping in the Visayas

I thought I was going back to South East Asia another time… I was wrong and so surprised at what I found in the Philippines. It was definitely different but in the end, it was better than expected. Why? It was like all my previous trips

Scuba diving in Nemo 33 Brussels Belgium

Scuba diving in a pool? The Nemo 33 experience in Brussels, Belgium

Have you ever thought you can also dive in a pool? Boring? It depends on the place! Nemo 33: the first deepest scuba diving pool in the world Nemo 33 in Brussels, Belgium, is the most amazing diving pool and the deepest one in the World… Well used to be

[VIDEO] Scuba diving in Nemo 33, Belgium

As a passionate underwater adventurer, scuba diving in a swimming pool should not have really been within the top of my list of  my favorite places to dive. Yet, because I love to wander the streets of Brussels, because I met there many good friends

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[VIDEO] Kalanggaman : the scuba hideaway, Leyte, Philippines

Imagine a far far away paradise atoll… Imagine a strip of white sand separating the sea from the sky… Imagine an underwater breathtakingly deep wall where thousands of fish meet… Open your eyes, this paradise is just between the shores the island of Cebu and

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[VIDEO] Diving the white-tip shark cavern of Gato Island, Philippines

During my relaxing stay on the paradise island of Malapascua, at the North of Cebu Island, I had the opportunity to go on a couple of day trips to go diving a bit further away. In the video below, you will see what was my favourite

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[VIDEO] Dance with the Turtles in Balicasag, Philippines

On my way to the inland part of Bohol to discover the amazing landscapes of the Chocolate hills park and observe the super cute Tarsier, I stopped 3 days on Panglao, an island just next to the main island of Bohol. You can easily reach