[VIDEO] Kalanggaman : the scuba hideaway, Leyte, Philippines

Imagine a far far away paradise atoll… Imagine a strip of white sand separating the sea from the sky… Imagine an underwater breathtakingly deep wall where thousands of fish meet… Open your eyes, this paradise is just between the shores the island of Cebu and the island of Leyte in the Philippines. To dive away from the crowd, just go to Malapascua, it is only 1h30 boat ride away and it will blow your mind…

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  1. Stunning. I always love the diving in the Philippines. I am sure I will return to dive there again someday 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for your kind feed-back! I also want to go diving there again and I already know where I will go next time!!!


  2. […] can already discover 2 videos of my favorite day trips of my stay in Malapascua : Gato island and Kalanggaman atoll. Soon you will find a link here to a special blog post about finding Mr Thresher shark in Monad […]


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