Month: April 2015

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[VIDEO] Scuba diving in the Firth of Forth, Scotland

With the wonderful Easter weekend we had in Scotland, I felt so lucky I booked 2 dives in Fife near Edinburgh. Even if the visibility is quite reduced and the water only 6°C,  colourful treasures lie on the sea bed of Blae Rock: Spider crabs, Sagartia

[NEWS] In 2016, the world’s deepest pool will be in the UK!

Fantastic news for all British scuba divers : the World’s deepest pool will be soon in the UK! This announcement is actually happening not such a long time after the opening of Y-40 in Italy in June last year. It is the current World’s deepest scuba diving pool.

Arrival on Skiathos Island with Thomas Cook Airlines

Flying & Scuba diving: 5 things you need to know

It is now so easy to fly to any country on the other side of the World in less than a day for a much accessible price than it used to be before. When you are a scuba diving traveller they are a couple of things to