[VIDEO] Scuba diving in the Firth of Forth, Scotland

With the wonderful Easter weekend we had in Scotland, I felt so lucky I booked 2 dives in Fife near Edinburgh. Even if the visibility is quite reduced and the water only 6°C,  colourful treasures lie on the sea bed of Blae Rock: Spider crabs, Sagartia anemones, Plumose anemones, Hermit crabs and so many star fish and sea urchin. It is my first video with my new video light system. I should say for a first trial I’m pretty happy. Nonetheless, next time, I will need to lower the intensity of the light for the close-up.

I am sure the grey seal I saw a couple of times at the surface was following us during the entire dive. I am really disappointed I couldn’t see it underwater. I hope next time hopefully! Bonus at the end of the video : a beautiful Scottish sunset on the Forth bridges.

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    • Don’t hesitate to contact if you want to go diving in Scotland. I have added scuba diving events on Facebook for this summer with the Basking shark in Lochaline and historical wreck diving in Scapaflow, Orkney.

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