Month: May 2015

A long scuba diving weekend in Reykjavik, Iceland

When I discovered I could fly direct from Edinburgh to Reykjavik in only 2h30 with a low-cost flight ticket, it didn’t take me long before booking my flight. Why, while living in Scotland, did I want to go to such a cold place on a

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[VIDEO] Iceland underwater & beyond

Diving Silfra is a once in a lifetime experience. Yet, making all the way to Iceland, even if it is only 2h30 of flight from Scotland, without trying to get the best glimpse of the country was just unthinkable to me. In addition to my article about

Scuba diving Silfra Lagoon Iceland

Crystal clear dive in the depths of the Earth in Silfra, Iceland

Imagine being on an island in the North East Atlantic Ocean, less than 300km from the Arctic Circle. It’s 8 am, you feel the frosty wind biting the skin of your cheeks and still, you’re putting a dry suit on, hypnotised by the blue transparency