[VIDEO] Dance with the Manta rays in Komodo, Indonesia

I could have missed it! Hopefully, many travellers during my first trip to Indonesia told me “Go to Komodo!“. Diving Manta Point, between Komodo and Flores Islands in Indonesia, was one of the most exciting moments of my scuba diving career. The 4-hour return trip by boat, west from Labuan Bajo, is quickly forgotten when you know you can spend an entire hour at 12m deep surrounded by these majestic creatures. The manta ray is a huge fish, but its movement underwater is as gracious as a bird. To me, they embody the beauty of the underwater world. On this video I shot in January 2012, you can also see the famous Komodo dragons, clown fish, a turtle and a disco light cuttlefish!

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5 responses to “[VIDEO] Dance with the Manta rays in Komodo, Indonesia

  1. This is amazing!!! Diving with manta rays is one of the very top items on my “bucket list.” And at Komodo Island? Amazing. Thanks for sharing!

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