[VIDEO] A dive with the seals, Farne Islands, England

We left early home at 5.30am that day to arrive at Seahouses, Northumberland in England, at 7.30am. The goal? To beat bad weather coming later and enjoyed fantastic weather conditions for unforgettable underwater memories!

The grey seals in the protected area of the Farne Island in North England are the cutest aquatic animals I’ve dived with. In October, the young seals born the year before are at their most playful state. They are so curious of the scuba divers but they are a bit shy at the same time. They keep their distance most of the time but if the diver stays still, interesting interaction with them can happen! Read the full story of my day with the seals of the Farne Islands.

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    1. Don’t you think they are a good reason to become a dry suit diver? 🙂


  1. So cool! I went diving in San Diego, California last summer, and right at the very end of our dive as we were about to ascend, an adorable little seal came zooming past us. He was very curious, and even came and nibbled on my brother’s fin to check him out! Such a fun experience.


  2. […] To discover how fun and cute it is to dive with the grey seals, watch my video “A dive with the seals, Farne Islands, England”. […]


  3. […] Pour découvrir à quel point les phoques gris sont adorables lorsque l’on plonger avec eux, regardez la vidéo sur mes plongées avec les phoques îles Farne. […]


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