Month: November 2016

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[VIDEO] Le Rubis, submarine wreck diving in Cavalaire, France

A few miles ashore from Cavalaire, French Riviera, lies at 40m deep a famous submarine of WWII: the Rubis (Ruby in English). The 66m submarine was part of the French Navy and built in 1931. During WWII she sank 22 battleships and was nicknamed the

Menjangan Island Bali Indoensia

100th post! looking back at my 5 year blogging journey…

It’s almost hard to believe, but here it is: my 100th blog post! Since I created in January 2012, during a jet-lagged all-nighter in Singapore, on my way to my first trip to Indonesia, so much has happened. I went from warm seas dive

Dive camp weekend in Zeeland, Netherlands

The origins of World Dive Adventure Divers are strongly linked to Nemo 33 in Belgium. After a few trips in Thailand, Egypt and Mexico, this is where I organised in January 2011, the first meeting of dive travel addicts from all across Europe. This first