[VIDEO] Capodacqua Night & Colours, Italy

On the first weekend of December, I was lucky enough to join the very first edition of the Capodacqua Night & Colour event in Capestrano, Central Italy. Capodacqua Lake offers a unique diving experience with its submerged village and crystal clear water. Hence, having the opportunity to dive there by night with colour lights was pure magic!

Read the full story of my incredible dives in Capodacqua in my blog post “See Rome & dive in Capo d’Acqua

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  1. […] The pictures below are extracted from my videos, watch the full edit of my night dive video “Capodacqua Night & Colours”. […]


  2. […] Scuba diver silhouette in the blue: While being a bit deeper than the other divers in your group, you look toward the surface with a bright sunlight. Of course this works better with best visibility. My best experiences of taking this type of picture were in Turkey, Iceland and Gozo. Night diving also offers great opportunities for this kind of shot like during my night dive in Capodacque, Italy. […]


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