Month: April 2017

Coral View Utila Honduras

2 weeks in Honduras: my ultimate itinerary

Honduras is step by step building a name for itself through scuba diving and eco-tourism adventures in Central America for a fraction of the cost of some its more famous neighbours. I spent 2 weeks in March exploring solo some of the highlights of this beautiful country covered by green forests, mountains and plantations. Suffering ...

scuba diving Utila Honduras

10 reasons to put Utila on your scuba diving bucket list

The main reason I came to Honduras was to hopefully achieve my dream of swimming with whale sharks. While I wasn't disappointed, I discovered a piece of paradise in the Bay Islands of Honduras: Utila. Not only scuba diving is good in Utila, but I discovered there were many things besides whale sharks to be ...

Whale sharks Utila Honduras March 2017

My whale shark dream became true in Utila, Honduras

After hundreds of dives all around the world, I thought I was cursed. The first time I could have seen it was in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia, 5 years ago. The whale shark was below the boat at the safety stop, but I had ascended way before everyone else as my buddy had emptied his tank in ...