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World Adventure Divers’ origins: a community of dive travellers

World Adventure DIvers in Marseille

Wanna know more about the world’s best scuba diving locations?  How to do it? What’s best to experience?   Then join the World Adventure Divers community and discover the world beneath the sea’s surface.

Founded in 2010, World Adventure Divers has brought together underwater adventure enthusiasts who have a genuine passion for travelling. Our motto is “Underwater & Beyond” which means that we want to explore the underwater world but also experience places at the same time. We think that scuba diving trips should be a meaningful journey of self-discovery!

If you share a love of travel and being underwater, meeting new people, making friends without borders, speaking different languages, tasting exotic food, experiencing everything the world has to offer, then join us on Facebook to get regular updates on scuba diving hotspots, the latest blog posts and to get involved in our growing community.

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