Scuba & the City : Underwater adventures in Marseille, France

Of all the places I’ve dived in, only one so far offered the possibility of gathering a vibrant city life with scuba diving adventures. This place happens to be in my homeland, in France, in the second largest town in the country: Marseille.

European capital of the culture in 2013

2013 was a very special year for Marseille: It was chosen to be the European capital of the culture. The capital of the culture in Europe is a program that exists since 1985. For one year, a city is designated by the European Union for the organisation of a series of cultural events emphasizing on the richness of European cultures. The underlying goal is to foster urban regeneration, change the city’s image and raise its visibility on an international scale.

The impact on this city has been tremendous! Special events, concert, art exhibition and even just walking around is fantastic thanks to all the art pieces distributed all over the city. Since 2012, we are assisting at the total rebirth of this city which exists since Antiquity: the Old Port offers now a fantastic promenade with a mirror sunshade (l’Ombrière), a totally new National Museum of Mediterranean cultures opened, and it has an amazing black concrete lace style architecture (

The old landmarks of the city such as Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde Basilica offer great sights as well. Ideally located on the highest point of the city, the view is breath-taking: 360° on the town and the Frioul Islands. A walking tour of the scenic Panier district (on the right side of the Old Port when looking at the sea) is also really charming if you want to wander around, taste some delicious navettes (orange blossom biscuits) or buy some traditional Marseille soap.

Underwater wonders of the National Park of Calanques

Marseille is also an amazing scuba diving destination. Not really known outside of France as the few foreign scuba divers coming to France are usually keener on going to Corsica or French Riviera (Saint-Tropez, Cavalaire or Port-Cros) but this is the secret shared between French scuba divers: Marseille is the place to be and to dive.

Even if the water temperature can be cooler than on the French Riviera due to the currents going in the direction of Marseille, the best period for scuba diving is from June to October with a water temperature of 14°C at the beginning of the season to 24°C in the middle of the summer. Then a 7mm full suit with a hood is a suitable choice. But it seems the cooler, the better. I once got some extraordinary 26°C, but the visibility was low. When the water is around 18°C, you can get some excellent conditions with visibility up to 25m!

Thanks to its craggy coastline that gave birth to its famous Calanques creeks, the scenery underwater is spectacular. The best dive spots are mainly located all around Riou Archipelago. The playground for scuba divers is ideal: tunnels, caverns, canyons, walls covered with sponges, anemones and yellow and red gorgonian sea fans. The colours of the walls have nothing to be ashamed compared to some coral reefs.

If you are looking for some action, the fauna is also very rich. Inspect every hole and crack in the walls and you will be very likely to see moray eel, grouper and octopus. An enormous school of bream and sargo will “fly” all around you and if you are lucky you might even meet sun-fish! For the wreck lovers, 2 spots can be reached easily such as Le Chaouen, a cargo ship from 1961, from 6m to 36m deep, or Le Liban, a steam liner from 1882, from 28m to 36m deep.

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Scuba diving in Marseille FranceScuba diving in Marseille France

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