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Manta Night Dive in Kona Hawaii

[VIDEO] Manta Ray Dive in Kona, Hawaii

I heard and read many stories on how Kona became such a famous place about diving with manta rays at night, becoming a bucket-list dive for adventurous scuba divers worldwide. In any case, floodlights switched on at night towards the waves at the Kona Surf

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[VIDEO] The Carthaginian II, wreck diving in Maui, Hawaii

I had a thrill shore diving in Maui and diving into the crater of Molokini but the Carthaginian II was the only opportunity I had to go wreck diving in Maui, Hawaii. It was such an exciting dive with excellent visibility and a close encounter

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[VIDEO] Le Rubis, submarine wreck diving in French Riviera

A few miles ashore from Cavalaire, French Riviera, lies at 40 m deep a famous submarine of WWII: the Rubis (Ruby in English). Cavalaire is about an hour driving from Toulon and about 30 minutes from Saint Tropez. The 66m submarine was part of the

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[VIDEO] Devil’s Den Florida cavern diving

My scuba diving adventure to the Devil’s den in Florida started with a tiny picture on Pinterest. When I saw the picture of the underground spring it directly enticed to put it on my itinerary to Florida no matter what. The first time I went down the

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[VIDEO] Crystal River: Manatees’ Paradise

Come swim with me and the manatees of King’s Bay in Crystal River, Florida, USA! The gentle “sea cows” are the most adorable underwater creatures I ever met, even putting dolphins at the second place! Crystal River is in the only place in the world

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[VIDEO] Orkney, underwater & beyond

Scapa Flow is one of the most famous wreck diving sites in the world. It was on my scuba diving bucket list for a long time. In September, I took the opportunity of a long weekend to take a road trip through the Highlands from

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Scuba divers Koh Tao Thailand South West Pinnacle

[VIDEO] Diving into a fish tornado in Koh Tao, Thailand

All the best moments, surrounded by thousands of fish, during my divemaster training in Koh Tao, Thailand, are here summarised in this video. The two best dive sites for huge schools of fish are Chumpon Pinnacle and Sail Rock. The latter is a bit further