[VIDEO] Dance with the Turtles in Balicasag, Philippines

On my way to the inland part of Bohol to discover the amazing landscapes of the Chocolate hills park and observe the super cute Tarsier, I stopped 3 days on Panglao, an island just next to the main island of Bohol. You can easily reach Panglao, and especially Alona beach where all the scuba diving centres are, in only 30 minutes by jeepney from Tagbilaran, the main town of Bohol and for as little as 25 PHP.

I dived on the reef of Alona beach for some macro diving which was really good, but definitely, the highlight of my dives was going twice to Balicasag island which is only 15 minutes boat ride from Alona. You can do there both deep wall diving and shallow diving on the seagrass beds, with so many colourful fish and ….many turtles! Anywhere I have been diving including the Red Sea, the Caribbean and South East Asia generally speaking, when divers see 1 turtle they are already delighted. Can you imagine in Balicasag I saw 5 turtles minimum on very single dive? Naturally, it made it to my list of the best diving in Asia-Pacific.


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