[VIDEO] Iceland underwater & beyond

Diving Silfra is a once in a lifetime experience. Yet, making all the way to Iceland, even if it is only 2h30 of flight from Scotland, without trying to get the best glimpse of the country was just unthinkable to me. In addition to my article about scuba diving in pure transparent water between two continents in Silfra, here is a video showing some of the geothermal highlights of Iceland such as Geysir, Seltun and the hot springs, and the beauty of a dive in Silfra’s crystal clear water. This video has been shot in only 3 days, 1 day for the scuba diving expedition in Thingvellir National Park and 2 days of road trip along the Golden circle itinerary and the Reykjanes Peninsula. Enjoy!

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Posted by Florine

  1. I went diving in Iceland May of 2016, it was my first cold water dive, and I loved it. Iceland is a beautiful country, and diving Silfra was extreme. At one point I asked the guide if it was really true that you could touch both continents at the same time, and he said in reality no, they’re actually miles apart, and that’s just something they tell people to up their sales. I tried for a refund, but it was no use. Thanks for the post.


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