[VIDEO] Orkney, underwater & beyond

Scapa Flow is one of the most famous wreck diving sites in the world. It was on my scuba diving bucket list for a long time. In September, I took the opportunity of a long weekend to take a road trip through the Highlands from Edinburgh to the very north tip of Scotland: Orkney. Between wreck diving and the exploration of -5000 AC year old archeological sites, this adventure was unforgettable. The shipwrecks from WWI and WWII of the Churchill Barriers and Scapa Flow are so enormous that it was a challenge for me to shoot pictures and videos with my compact camera. It made me think already about upgrading my gear: powerful torch lights and wide-angle lens must be necessary to capture stunning images from a distance of these historical wrecks!

I hope I can dive again in Scapa Flow with Scapa Scuba, especially to do the deeper wrecks. Now, I know why it’s the scuba diving mecca of Scotland!

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Posted by Florine

  1. Nice! It’s on my wish list too, someday… Look forward to more Scotland diving videos from you.


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