[VIDEO] The tiny underwater world of Dauin, Philippines

Just 20 minutes driving in the direction of the South from Dumaguete, in the volcanic island of Negros in the Philippines, is hidden the scuba diving gem of Dauin and its fantastic muck diving. In quite unusual locations such as Dauin’s deserted sandy slopes with old tires used as a reef, the substrate from the volcanic sediments, the dead coral and even particle from some waste create the perfect eco system to a very special fauna and a nursery for juvenile organisms.
Thanks to all the sanctuaries along Dauin coast where fishing is forbidden, the volcanic sandy slopes have become the nursery of the local underwater fauna. My favorite was the Masaplod sanctuary, 1km South of the village of Dauin, where I spotted the greatest number of species. In this video, you will see many incredible species such as ghost pipefish, sea-horse and even a baby mantis shrimp. Enjoy!

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Posted by Florine

  1. I’ve dived in Dauin and it is beautiful! First time I saw a flamboyant cuttlefish! I went with Liquid Diving – who did you dive with?


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