Welcome to World Adventure Divers.com

Underwater & Beyond… These two words are the ones I chose to describe what I do, what I love and how I always do it. Simple but true.

At first, I loved to travel way before even making my first fin kick in the water: Culture, languages, the beauty of what nature has to offer all over the world… there were millions of reasons to travel.

Then one day, I put some gear on, went in the water and realised there is, even more, to discover underwater: a peaceful world where you feel like flying over amazing submarine landscapes.

As a result, I could not get the point of travelling to go scuba diving and then staying in a resort or on a live-aboard. Not discovering the country I was travelling to was just only unthinkable to me. This is how I figured out how to keep travelling in the way I love and to get the right organisation to go scuba diving at the same time. And only the experience, trip after trip, brought me the right way to do it. I have visited more than 30 countries and I am still learning.

Quickly, I wanted to share my stories and gather other people interested in travels and scuba diving. This is how is born World Adventure Divers, to gather the community of travellers and scuba divers I had the chance to meet on the road. In 2010, I launched the Facebook page and a Twitter account to keep everyone posted about my adventures and gather them in events all over the world.

Now I am so excited to share my adventures with scuba travellers in inspiring posts on this blog. You will find descriptions of my favourites dive sites and destinations, precise itineraries, scuba trip reports and my secret pieces of advice for going around.

Maybe you’re an experienced diver, maybe you are still thinking of trying scuba diving one day, I just want you to see that scuba diving is not necessarily a sport reserved for an elite that stays in luxury resorts. While going backpacking and getting closer to one country’s culture, you can go scuba diving and be amazed by what the underwater world has to offer to you.


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