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World Adventure Divers is the diving blog for adventurous divers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver, discover how to explore the world underwater and beyond without breaking the bank.

My blog posts cover my dives around the world, in popular destinations such as the islands of Thailand or the Philippines, the island of Bali in Indonesia, the cenotes of Mexico or the Red Sea in Egypt, but also off the beaten track destinations where a dry suit is sometimes necessary.

In all cases, my trips are as much about discovering tropical islands with coral reefs and sharks, as they are about total immersion in the local culture of the country I’m visiting, including learning the local language whenever possible. That’s why I usually stick to land-based diving to combine culture and slow travel.

I strive to provide as many photos as possible in my articles to help divers envision and plan their next adventure with ease (without resigning themselves to booking yet another Red Sea cruise).

In addition to blog posts sharing my tips for discovering the world’s best dive sites, I also regularly publish reviews of scuba gear and underwater photography equipment, sharing my positive and negative opinions where necessary. Going on an adventure to make bubbles is a great idea, but putting yourself in potential danger with faulty underwater equipment is not. Diving is an extremely safe activity when you apply the basic principles and choose reliable equipment in which you feel comfortable.

I invite you to browse the different categories in the menu to find what you’re looking for, between destination blogs and diving equipment reviews. Below, you’ll find more personal stories, important announcements and adventures that were difficult to categorize because they were too far off the beaten track.

In recent years, I’ve also started to write more and more about ocean protection and responsible travel. My main aim now is to promote responsible diving best practices. As divers and ocean lovers, we have a duty to act responsibly. My aim is to give my opinion on these topics, without ever judging, but rather suggesting possible ways of improvement. Whether you go to Indonesia, the Philippines, the Red Sea or close to home, there are plenty of solutions to help you do a little better every day.

scuba diving digital nomad

My life as a scuba digital nomad: Your questions answered

From Panama to Bali, the start of my digital nomad journey over the last two years has been full of trials and errors. While working online while travelling is full of exciting promises of extended adventures and in-depth knowledge of each country’s culture, it’s important to realise there is more to it than just a pretty picture of a laptop on the beach (I

Where to recover from jetlag in Bali?

Once you arrive at Denpasar Airport, the journey to the best dive sites in Bali is still quite a while longer. If you arrive from America or, like me, from Europe, you may need some serious rest after often more than 20 hours of flight. Besides, Bali is in the GMT+8 time zone, so there is a 13-hour time difference from NYC (12 in

whale shark isla mujeres mexico

Should you swim with whale sharks in Isla Mujeres, Mexico?

For many passionate scuba divers, encountering a whale shark, the largest fish in the world, is their absolute dream. I was one of them. These gentle giants of the sea evoke a deep sense of wonder and respect. However, swimming with these elusive creatures is not an easy feat. Crossing path with whale sharks underwater is often a journey filled with anticipation, patience but

gifts for scuba divers

Gifts for scuba divers: my top ideas from the gear I love

Whether for Christmas or a birthday, you may wonder how to please a scuba diving addict. You came to the right place; here is a selection of the best gifts for scuba divers. This gift list is based on my favourite items. I personally own them, and I’m sure it will make another scuba diver happy. Let me guide you through different gift ideas to

Digital nomad in Panama

WAD’s 10th anniversary: celebrating my new nomad life in Panama

10 years. Depending on how you look at it, it may sound like a lot or not so much. I feel saying I launched my diving blog 10 years ago makes me sound like a dinosaur. Yet, if I look at everything that has happened, what are 10 years when you change the course of your life? If somebody told me that jetlagged night

Gran Canaria Swimming Pool Gloria Palace Amadores

Gran Canaria: my first trip abroad since COVID

This story started back in December 2020. France is under curfew after a second lockdown. At least, this time, I was away from Paris with my family in Brittany. The news started to mention COVID vaccines. This is when in couch potato mode, half-watching TV, half-scrolling on Instagram, I found out about a game organised by Vueling to win a flight ticket. 5 minutes

Azores aerial panoramic view. Top view of Islet of Vila Franca do Campo. Crater of an old underwater volcano. San Miguel island, Azores, Portugal. Heart carved by nature. Bird eye view.

Best diving destinations for vaccinated travellers in 2021

This blog post is brought to you in partnership with Original Travel With the COVID-19 vaccination programs rolling now at full steam across many countries, some diving destinations have started easing the conditions of entry in their territories, especially for fully vaccinated travellers. If you recently got vaccinated and are looking for diving holidays ideas for the second half of 2021, follow the guide!

Diving Insurance

Diving insurance: do we always need one?

Initially, I wanted to write a casual blog post about travel insurance for scuba divers with a few tips to let you pick the right plan for you. As I started to do research, contacting hyperbaric chambers, emergency services, and health insurance companies, I discovered more to it than I could ever imagine. While I will always be a diving insurance advocate, I wanted