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In this category, you will find more personal stories, special announcement and adventures that were hard to fit in a category for often being too much out-of-the-beaten-path.

In recent years, I started writing more and more about ocean conservation and responsible tourism. My main goal now is to promote responsible diving best practices.

Gran Canaria Swimming Pool Gloria Palace Amadores

Gran Canaria: my first trip abroad since COVID

This story started back in December 2020. France is under curfew after a second lockdown. At least, this time, I was away from Paris with my family in Brittany. The news started to mention COVID vaccines. This is when in couch potato mode, half-watching TV, half-scrolling on Instagram, I found out about a game organised by Vueling to win a flight ticket. 5 minutes

Lighthouse Phare du Petit Minou Bretagne Brittany France

On the Lighthouse Road: my 2-week itinerary in Brittany

After diving into the details of the two spots I explored underwater along the Lighthouse Road, Saint-Pabu and Camaret-Sur-Mer, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to let you know everything that happened in between. While considering my options for this long-awaited scuba diving adventure in Brittany, I stumbled upon the itinerary of the Lighthouse Road. I had one of these lightbulb moments (ok,

Azores aerial panoramic view. Top view of Islet of Vila Franca do Campo. Crater of an old underwater volcano. San Miguel island, Azores, Portugal. Heart carved by nature. Bird eye view.

Best diving destinations for vaccinated travellers in 2021

This blog post is brought to you in partnership with Original Travel With the COVID-19 vaccination programs rolling now at full steam across many countries, some diving destinations have started easing the conditions of entry in their territories, especially for fully vaccinated travellers. If you recently got vaccinated and are looking for diving holidays ideas for the second half of 2021, follow the guide!

Diving Insurance

Diving insurance: do we always need one?

Initially, I wanted to write a casual blog post about travel insurance for scuba divers with a few tips to let you pick the right plan for you. As I started to do research, contacting hyperbaric chambers, emergency services, and health insurance companies, I discovered more to it than I could ever imagine. While I will always be a diving insurance advocate, I wanted

Diving Toulon

Spring diving in Toulon

Month after month, we keep being locked down every time the pandemic figures get a bit too crazy. Right after New Year’s Eve, I felt massive fatigue to the point of reaching the limit of genuinely losing it. I needed fresh air; I needed water more than anything. When the opportunity came to return to Toulon, my main scuba diving base in France, for

Florine Scuba diving in Toulon France

7 tested ways to find a dive buddy

If none of your friends or family members is crazy about scuba diving the way you are, finding a dive buddy can quickly become an issue. Whenever you feel like going on new underwater adventures, locally or overseas, knowing where to look is the key. Even if you think you know nobody, it is easier than you think to meet like-minded friends who love

hammerhead shark dives in Yonaguni Okinawa Japan

How to be a good dive buddy in 15 tips

Dive buddies can make or break a dive. Safety in recreational diving is based on the redundancy of equipment between two scuba divers; who your dive buddy is can determine whether or not you will enjoy your dive while feeling safe underwater. After 10 years of solo scuba diving trips worldwide, I learnt a thing or two about how a good dive buddy team

5 reasons to embrace local diving

Travelling locally to go scuba diving, right next to your doorstep or regionally, can be a great idea to try solo travel at the beginning as you may feel safer not to go too far from home. Beyond the risk of feeling homesick on the other side of the world, one of the disadvantages of travelling alone, local diving has many other advantages, especially