[VIDEO] Diving the Devil’s Den, Florida

My scuba diving adventure to the Devil’s Den started with a tiny picture on Pinterest. When I saw the picture of the underground spring it directly enticed to put it on my itinerary to Florida no matter what. The first time I went down the stairs taking me to this prehistorical cave, the view on this striking blue natural pool was beyond expectation. This video starts with me, shooting my way down the stairs, fully equipped. Shooting a video with kilos of gear, especially the tank, in this very tight corridor was the biggest challenge of this dive! Diving in this pure fresh water was amazing, reminding me of the Cenotes in Mexico or Silfra in Iceland.  I was lucky enough to have a beautiful sunshine that created incredible lights effects underwater. Enjoy!

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  1. Pretty cool! Thanks, most def will be on my list to dive when in Florida!


    1. Cheers Indah! Now you’re “not so far” away 🙂


  2. […] Cliquez ici pour voir la vidéo de ma plongée au Devil’s Den. […]


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