5 Christmas gifts ideas for scuba divers

Christmas is coming soon! The countdown to everyone’s favourite day of the year has officially started. If you have not started yet your Christmas shopping for your loved ones, here is a selection for scuba diving addicts. The list is based on my own favourite items. I’m sure will make another scuba diver happy!

A scuba diving coffee table book: a thoughtful gift at the best price

How to find Scuba diving travel inspiration

I have several scuba diving travel books at home, but my favourite one is “100 diving sites”. I bought it at Kuala Lumpur Airport for almost nothing on my way back home after my divemaster training, and it has remained the book I always make sure to consult before any trip project. It mainly focuses on recreational tropical diving, but it also features a good number of cold water diving destinations too.

I love the way the information is organised with beautiful large pictures. The map at the beginning of the book is really practical to see where all the best scuba diving sites are. It just crazy how cheap this book is now. It’s the best value for money gift for small budgets!

Here are a few other ideas from my personal library:

  • Ultimate diving adventures“: the perfect complement for advanced divers. This book focuses on more technical dives with the details of the best wreck dive sites in the world but also adventure dives including animal encounters or challenging scenic dives (not many books mention St Kilda in Scotland where you can dive a tunnel crossing below an island).
  • The place to be today“, by Lonely Planet: This is my reference book to check for marine animal migrations or cultural festivals all around the world. I also like reading it randomly to pick new ideas based on where I’d like to travel.

How to start underwater photography with the best affordable underwater camera on the market

Canon D30 underwater camera

I personally own a Canon camera with its housing. Yet, the Canon PowerShot D30 a cost-effective solution for scuba divers who want to start underwater photography to bring back colourful underwater memories from their holidays. I understand that my camera and its waterproof housing might be too big and expensive for a beginner (the price of the housing is usually at least the price of the camera). As I’m a fan of Canon cameras (I tried to use other brands but I find the settings of Canon are just the easiest to understand), I found this model which is waterproof and shockproof. The perfect point-and-shoot compact camera for world adventurers who wants to have a good camera in their pocket. Most models of this type only offer waterproof guarantee down to 3/5m, but this one is waterproof down to 25m of depth!

For information, when my camera died in Malta, I finished the trip on the Canon D30 of my dive buddy, hence most of the underwater pictures of this trip were taken with the Canon D30. The value for money of this camera is just excellent when I see the quality of the pictures, see the example below!


The best scuba diving fins for world travellers

I couldn’t travel anymore without my Aqua Lung Hot Shot fins. When you rent fins, you usually end up with bulky, ugly and cramp-giving fins! This is why scuba diving fins were among the very first pieces of equipment I bought for my own scuba gear. I had 2 other pairs before and the huge advantage of these ones is their compact size: they fit in a carry-on suitcase! They are also very light, making them the traveller’s best friend. These adjustable fins can be used with or without booties, and the strap at the back makes them easy to put on. I used them in Scotland and Indonesia, and I can tell that even if they are shorter, they are very efficient fins. Thanks to their shape, they also perform well with frog-kick. A great gift for a reasonable price.

Aqua !Lung Hot Shot scuba diving fins going into a carry-on suitcase


A quality dive computer is a gift that will make a big impression

If you are looking to spoil someone, a good dive computer is the best gift you can think of. Without getting in the totally insane price zone, the Suunto D4i offers the perfect balance: a stylish watch style computer you are not ashamed to wear during your holidays, and complete functions including freediving and nitrox modes. My favourite feature is the record of the dive profile. In the dive log of the computer, you can see a curve showing the depth at every minute of the dive. I have also the pressure transmitter fitted on my regulator. It allows me to check if I’m making progress on my air consumption and my depth management during the dive.


Let them show their love for underwater adventures to the world

World Adventure Divers tshirtsI have been asked for such a long time to do it that with my new beautiful logo I had to do it: opening a World Adventure Divers e-shop! You can now find in my Spreadshirt shop a choice of t-shirts, hoodies, tops for men, women and kids! There are also some cool accessories like an eco-friendly reusable water bottle. T-shirts prices start at only 23,49€!

Special -15% discount for Xmas!

Promotion is valid from the 24th to the 27th of November with the following promo code: SALE2017

World Adventure Divers eshop spreadshirt

I hope this scuba diver Xmas wish list will inspire you to find the perfect gift for your friends and family!


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5 Christmas gift ideas for scuba divers

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