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Discover the collection of my best ice diving stories around the world, from the French Alps to Switzerland, and soon I hope in Russia or Japan.

ice diving Val Thorens French Alps

Ice diving above 2000m in Val Thorens, French Alps

When I came back to Paris on Monday from my weekend in the French Alps, the same conversation came back a few times: “You spent the weekend in the Alps? Cool! You managed to ski a lot?” “Well I didn’t go skiing, I was ice diving.“ “Wait… Whaaat?“ This year I had a very early opening of my scuba diving season in Europe. Besides,

Becoming a certified ice diver in Switzerland

Nestled in the heart of the Alps and historically valuing neutrality, Switzerland is both in and outside Europe in its very own peaceful way. Influenced by their German, French and Italian neighbours, they took from them the language and culture and mixed it their way to create this relaxing land of peaceful mountains where the organisation is smooth and perfect, and the pleasure of gastronomy is