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Diving in Spain is one of the best in Europe with famous diving spots such as the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Costa Brava from Barcelona to Cadaquès and famous dives such as Medes Islands marine reserve. Spain is a great destination for scuba divers who love cavern diving and groupers. A little less known, you can also give a try at diving in Costa Calida.

The marine life in Spain is mostly about groupers, octopus, barracudas, moray eels and nudibranchs. It’s the right place to go for both beginners and experienced divers. Due to the water temperatures, regarding scuba gear, it is most common to scuba dive there in a 7 mm wetsuit. The best time of the year is often from July to September, but the Canary Islands can be dived year-round. The best dive sites can be reached by boat.

Below you will find all my best scuba diving stories from diving in Spain. I share my top tips on how to organise your trip, my favourites dives, what is the best itinerary or how to do it without breaking the bank. From a travel budget point of view, Spain is a mid-range budget destination, so you may need to save up but not as much as you think.

Gran Canaria Swimming Pool Gloria Palace Amadores

Gran Canaria: my first trip abroad since COVID

This story started back in December 2020. France is under curfew after a second lockdown. At least, this time, I was away from Paris with my family in Brittany. The news started to mention COVID vaccines. This is when in couch potato mode, half-watching TV, half-scrolling on Instagram, I found out about a game organised by Vueling to win a flight ticket. 5 minutes

Diving Tenerife: eagle rays & volcanic magic

Take a group of nine adventure travel bloggers specialised in surfing, cycling and scuba diving to the mecca of British package holidays, shake it well, and see if you can show that Tenerife, the biggest of the Canary Islands, has more to offer than lazy sunbathing. This is the mission my adventure blogging mates and I were given by Thomas Cook Airlines. With a bit

Swallowtail seaperch Cadaques Diving in Costa Brava

Diving in Costa Brava: a road trip from Barcelona to Cadaquès

If you like road trips with great food, fascinating architecture and history, here is an adventure for you: you can go scuba diving near Barcelona along Costa Brava while picking delicious food on the way. From Barcelona to Cadaquès, near the French border, you can diving in Costa Brava in 4 main areas while visiting 3 interesting towns. Evenly distributed on a total 140