5 Benefits of travelling alone for your diving holiday

So, you’re seriously considering travelling alone for your next diving holidays? You’ve considered all the scuba-diving trips for singles, ready to go. But… you’re a bit scared of not being capable to travel alone? Find it hard to get out of your comfort zone to meet new people? Or worse, you fear trying and being bored, or screwing up your holidays by not enjoying much the experience? Ok, let’s talk about all those benefits of travelling alone, from being free to improve your diving skills more than ever… and earning some self-confidence on the way.

1 – Discover what freedom really means

Yep, that’s the major benefit of travelling alone. And believe it or not, you try it once, you get the solo travel bug forever! Being on your own means that you can actually plan everything the way YOU want. Which means, for example, eating whenever you feel like, doing whatever activities (that can also mean, doing not much… apart from diving, of course). No compromises, last minute plan if you feel like, control over your money spending or your rhythm. Yep, freedom, I tell you!

2 – Understanding that being alone is not always that bad

Travelling on your own can open so many understandings about yourself. One of the biggest might be that being alone… feels very much different from FEELING alone. You’ll probably realise what you’re capable of when you’re actually independent. This is a great way of self-discovering, and earning a lot of confidence when you’ll see that… you manage pretty well! You’re always in control usually? Feel it hard to overtake your fear about an unknown environment? Get out of your comfort zone for once, let it go… and see what happens!

3 – Learn about yourself… and what’s around

One thing great about travelling alone is that you might be much more aware of what’s around you, and what you really want to do and learn. It so easy to get diverted from your first plan when travelling with a friend or two. Want to improve about a special point on your diving skills? Try a new type of diving spots?  Even learn more about the local language? You’re the captain of your own boat, go for it.

4 – Dive for some connection detox

You might think that travelling alone put you at risk of diving… into your phone, scared of getting out there and speaking to others? Actually, nope. You have better chance to forget about your phone while you’ll be in the present time, having to organise your holidays, next dive trips and see how it goes. While with a friend, so easy to check some e-mails when the conversation runs out.

5 – It makes it so much easier to meet new people

The last but not the least, and believe me when I say that: you’ll actually meet more people while travelling alone! Because if you actually want to connect to people, you have no other choice than… going for it. Also, other people tend to speak more to solo travellers, afraid of bothering couples or people travelling with family. So, prepare yourself meeting buddies, more locals too and starting new friendships. You already have a diving passion in common, so that makes it easy to start the conversation. And who knows, you may even live a nice holiday romance… or even meet true love on the way!

Here are all those amazing benefits of travelling alone. Ok, you know we don’t live in a perfect world, so you can read here a few disadvantages of travelling alone.

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