4 disadvantages of travelling alone on your diving holidays

Great, you’ve checked all the scuba diving trips for singles, decided where to go: itinerary, gear and all are ready. One last block: you’re scared of all the disadvantages of travelling alone… Safety issues, additional costs, fear of being homesick, or simply feeling lonely. One thing, this is absolutely normal. Secondly, consider that more and more people are travelling alone now, nothing weird about it, quite the opposite. Let’s talk about those few disadvantages of travelling alone and how to handle it. So, you can prepare for amazing diving holidays for good!

1 – What about the safety issue of travelling alone?

Okay, no need to say that travelling alone isn’t especially more dangerous than travelling with friends or family. Although, you can feel less safe, and it’s absolutely normal. Obviously, you’re on your own, so you don’t have the advantage of the numbers in case of trouble. Nobody to have your back, check luggage, personal belongings or yourself for two. And of course, you have the right to ask yourself “is it safe to travel alone” if you have to go back to the hotel late, as a solo female traveller for example.

Special World Adventure Divers’ tips:

Definitely, no need to become paranoiac about it, but you’ll have to be more responsible and aware for yourself. Just consider some classic safety rules, as you’ll adopt naturally at home: no need to wander around drunk and exposed, to get out on the other side of town far from your hotel, or to take empty dark streets on your own on the way back. Moreover, you can grab a taxi if you feel like. Consider hiding your money and papers in a safety belt, rather than in a handbag. Or even go out with people from your hotel, so you’re already hanging out as a group. Just a bit of common sense and everything will be fine.

2 – Travelling alone might be more expensive

Indeed, even if you travel in the cheapest diving destinations, they are some costs that will be the same, whatever you travel on your own or with someone. Accommodations and transport are the main ones. Some hotel, agencies or activity centers even apply so supplement for solo travellers, whatever (non) sense this make.

Special World Adventure Divers’ tips:

First of all, consider accommodations that don’t add supplement, as it happens more and more often. And don’t hesitate negotiating if you’re traveling on a lower season, or if you feel your hotel isn’t full. Same for tour agencies. You can also consider using group tour. And why not sharing your taxi with someone from your hotel?

3 – You might feel lonely sometimes

Yes, being on your own can feel empowering as hell. But sometimes, one of the biggest disadvantages of travelling alone is to actually FEEL lonely. One thing: even experienced solo travellers face this feeling, no shame, this is just life. You might struggle with the fact of meeting with new people, coz you’re not what we can call the biggest extrovert ever. And you might live amazing moments during diving, or in front of a beautiful landscape, without the possibilities of sharing it with someone.

Special World Adventure Divers’ tips:

First, if you feel really homesick, no need to blame yourself. Once again, indulgence flag here. If you feel like eating a pizza or food from your country, laying on your bed watching a movie, while eating ice-cream and seeing nobody, fine! Treat yourself, accept the feeling of the moment and let it go the day after. If you feel this you, why not trying local diving first?

If you struggle meeting and talking to people, remember you can always turn to a dive centre to dive as a group. You’ll definitely meet people on the way. Consider that simple and genuine questions asked to another solo traveller, like “First time diving in here?”, “So where do you come from?” or whatever else, might be enough to make it happens. See if your hotel or dive centre organises some events in the evening and go for it.

4 – What about eating alone?

It always feels a bit awkward, not to say deeply uncomfortable for some of us, to go to a restaurant, ask for a table for one and actually sit in front of… nobody. And what about hanging at the bar of the hotel without any buddy? I get you here, and good news, it can be handled easily.

Special World Adventure Divers’ tips:

First, consider that eating on your own is okay, nothing wrong about it. Order some good wine, great food, grab a book (avoid the phone if possible) or just look around and enjoy. Feel like it’s too hard? Consider eating at the bar, where you can talk to the bartender sometimes. You might meet a lot of people during your diving tours, and some of them may be staying at your hotel. So, it won’t be too long before you actually start sharing your meals with new friends.

Okay, these are about the worst disadvantages of travelling alone, nothing that you cannot overtake, right? Now, let’s talk about the benefits of travelling alone, shall we?

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