Is it safe to travel alone?

After posing all the benefits and disadvantages of travelling alone, are you still struggling and wondering: is it safe to travel alone? Ok, so it’s time to talk seriously about travel safety in general. I have been travelling solo for years, and I can tell you: I find it safe to travel alone, as long as you respect some basic rules, whatever you’re a man or a woman, by the way. Let’s highlight together why is this question about the safety of travelling alone so complex… and daunting!

Everybody says it’s not safe to travel alone

That’s for sure (and even worse if you’re a woman I guess)! We’ve heard it since we are little, had it repeated till the disc has copied that information forever. However, did you realise that most people repeating this belief have, for most of them, travelled very few, and even more often, have never been to the destination you’re talking about? Indeed. So, well, first rule here is to listen to a feedback by someone who know what he or she is talking about.

Most of the others places in the world are dangerous

The main belief behind that? What’s unknown is dangerous. So basically, you feel quite safe where you come from, maybe England, United States or Australia, for example. But you won’t feel 100% safe about travelling alone to… Thailand, Mexico, or even Spain? Good news, a Japanese might not be 100% safe travelling solo to… your country either! Because we just don’t know about it, or heard bad stuff in the news, so it makes it easy to concentrate on what could happen wrong, rather than right. I guess it’s just human. Of course, there ARE safe places to travel alone more than others, obviously. But most of the time, you’ll realise what you’ve heard about most countries to dive in are unfounded.

It is safe to travel solo, as long as you are aware

And I should add… rules that apply everywhere. Amongst all the safety tips for solo travellers, I could tell you, most of them are just common sense. For example, I find it obligatory to get some information about a country I’m travelling solo to in advance: don’t get yourself into places, situations or at times that don’t feel safe. Be aware of the currency, how to handle your money. Anticipate by travelling with travel insurance, or by having two credits cards, just to quote a few tips. At last, being aware of what you’re doing will protect you from most of the disagreements you could meet while travelling solo.

That said, there are definitely safer places to travel alone than others, who can also be the cheapest diving destinations to discover. So, let’s make it happen.

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