3 fantastic places that are safe to travel alone

Maybe, you’ve never travelled on your own. Maybe you’re wondering: is it safe to travel alone? So, you might be interested in discovering that some destinations are more adapted than others to give it a go! Among the 100+ destinations I had the opportunity to explore, here are my top 3 places I found the safest and the most relaxing to enjoy discovering interesting cultures, breath-taking landscapes and of course, scuba diving. If you want to experience solo travel for the first time, these destinations are fabulous choices to spend amazing holidays by yourself.

1. Japan

Safe place to travel - Shirahama Shrine Shimoda Izu Peninsula Japan

This is one of my top destinations, as I stayed there for 8 months. Japan is definitely one of the safest places on Earth, even safer than most of westerners countries generally, for sure. While there, you will be able to go diving in Okinawa which gathers some of the most beautiful diving spots of the country such as Ishigaki Island, Yonaguni Monument and the Kerama Islands National Park, a paradise for manta rays, hammerhead sharks, and turtle lovers. You can go out at night without overthinking. You might struggle with the fear of not being polite enough rather than feeling unsafe. And apart from diving, there are SO many fun things to do in Japan generally, so go for it!

2. French Polynesia

Rangiroa atoll sky view French Polynesia

This place is a gem I was lucky enough to discover and dive in. Considered one of the hottest destinations for luxury holidays, you’ll definitely feel safe amongst those white sandy beaches, fancy resorts, bungalows on top of pristine waters and bars on the beach. The area lives principally from tourism, so everything is made up for you to feel safe and relaxed. You can take transport, taxis, go out and enjoy all the fun things to do in French Polynesia, or plan more resting activities, it will all be fine. While the Tuamotu Islands are the absolute scuba divers paradise, try also diving in Tahiti, especially at the Tahiti Peninsula where you can also go whale watching from August to October.

3. Hawaii

Safe place to travel - Honaunau National Historical Park Big Island Hawaii

Third and last recommendation I could give you to travel solo in a safe place: the beautiful islands of Hawaii, United States. I was lucky enough to dive in Maui and Big Island spots. Ok, this is THE romantic and honeymoon gateway. But you can definitely enjoy it on your own, as I did, and meet some people on the way, to rent a car and hop-on and off from one dive spot to the other. With tones of fun things to do in Hawaii, beautiful accommodations, nice people, a safe environment and good food, it is the perfect combo to travel solo and feel safe.

A few tips about choosing a safe place to travel alone for the first time

Consider that some places and areas are generally considered safer for solo travellers, for different reasons. First of all, touristy destinations and famous diving spots are usually filled up with infrastructures, dive centres, tour agencies and accommodations with well-connected means of transportation. These destinations are naturally more welcoming to tourists: Thailand, Mexico, Bali, Australia, etc.

Even if it’s not especially more or less safe, consider going to areas and countries that are closer to your culture when travelling alone for the first time, like within your own continent for instance in Europe or North America. A place where you know your native language or one of the languages you speak, even basically, will be spoken greatly helps at the beginning of your solo adventures. You’ll find it easier to adapt and feel confident, before heading to more exotic areas where you won’t be afraid anymore of any language barrier.

Now you know, and maybe chose, a safe place to travel alone, how about some safety tips for solo travellers? This way, you’re all ready for the big solo experience.

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