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Diving in New Caledonia is one of the best in Asia-Pacific with famous diving spots such as Noumea and the Isle of Pines and famous dives such as the Boulari Pass in Noumea, the Eden Garden in the Isle of Pines and Cathedral in Hienghene. The lagoons of New Caledonia are a UNESCO world heritage natural site and the barrier reef is the second largest in the world. New Caledonia is a great destination for scuba divers who love shark diving and coral reefs. A little less known, you can also give a try at diving in Koumac and the Loyalty Islands including Lifou.

The marine life in New Caledonia is mostly about manta rays, grey reef sharks, leopard sharks, turtles and nudibranchs. It’s the right place to go for experienced divers mainly. Due to the water temperatures, regarding scuba gear, it is most common to scuba dive there in a 5 mm wetsuit. Being in the South Pacific, the best time of the year is often from October to May. The best dive sites can be reached by boat.

Below you will find all my best scuba diving stories from diving in New Caledonia. I share my top tips on how to organise your trip, my favourites dives, what is the best itinerary or how to do it without breaking the bank. From a travel budget point of view, New Caledonia is a higher budget destination, so save up accordingly.

Ouvea New Caledonia

New Caledonia Islands: which one should you explore?

New Caledonia is an archipelago of 6 inhabited islands in addition to its main island Grande-Terre: the Isle of Pines, Belep, and the Loyautés Islands formed by Lifou, Mare, Ouvea and Tiga.  With more than 135 islands, islets and atolls, there is little chance you can visit them all during your stay in New Caledonia. However, no trip would be complete without putting at

scuba diving in Hienghene New Caledonia

A scuba road trip into the wild of Northern New Caledonia

Whether I’m exploring Hawaii or Scotland, I love territories that are an invitation for superb road trips. It’s about freedom, immersion in nature, adventure. When I discovered the main island of New Caledonia was one of these places, I was in awe. On the second week of my stay in New Caledonia, I took the road alone for 10 days, leaving the bustling city

Amédée Island Noumea New Caledonia Lagoon

New Caledonia: the lagoon of all hopes

As I dived for the very first time in the lagoon of New Caledonia, at Duck Island, with only my mask and my fins, I quickly recognised something I had not seen in a while: a healthy coral reef! My first scuba dives in the north of the main island, in Koumac, a week later were a festival of colours and shapes along densely

hello Ouvea New Caledonia

New Caledonia: impressions from the heart of the Pacific

It’s midnight. I have just arrived at Tontouta International Airport. I take a taxi to Noumea city centre, 45 minutes driving away. In the dark, the entire road looks like home in France. The only clues telling I’m in the southern hemisphere are the stars. After one month in Japan and a direct 9h flight with Aircalin from Tokyo, my arrival in New Caledonia