diving in cenote carwash

Diving in cenotes: everything you need to know before you go

Imagine how excited I was to return to Mexico after 12 years: the once baby scuba diver, with less than 50 dives on her logbook, could finally come back with her complete scuba gear and camera set-up to report how incredible diving in cenotes is. Even after hundreds of dives worldwide, the cenotes remain one of my most magical diving adventures to date. There

Sea turtle Philippines

Where to go scuba diving from Manila in the Philippines?

This blog post is brought to you by Rome2rio. It’s no secret that I long to return to Asia. Since the beginning of the year, we have been getting, month after month, some good news from Thailand, Indonesia and, more recently, the Philippines! I’m waiting for the entry conditions to ease in the same way as in Latin America, where I am currently travelling.

diving in coiba - Pacific spadefish

Diving in Coiba, the Panamanian pearl of the Pacific

It was my first big adventure in Panama. A month later, after living in Panama City, I was already back. Coiba Island is the largest island on the Pacific coast of Central America. With 38 other islands and islets over a marine area of more than 1,700 km², they form the Coiba National Park. Officially created in 2004, it became a UNESCO World Heritage

Panama Canal scuba diving boat Bridge of Americas

The ultimate Panama City layover guide scuba divers will love

After living for a month in Panama City, I’m glad to sum up my favourite moments in the most modern city in Central America in this Panama City layover guide. As part of my 7-month adventure to explore some of the best dive sites in Latin America, I will keep using Panama City as a connecting hub. Let me show you that Panama City

Digital nomad in Panama

WAD’s 10th anniversary: celebrating my new nomad life in Panama

10 years. Depending on how you look at it, it may sound like a lot or not so much. I feel saying I launched my diving blog 10 years ago makes me sound like a dinosaur. Yet, if I look at everything that has happened, what are 10 years when you change the course of your life? If somebody told me that jetlagged night

Scuba gear: Is it worth buying your own diving equipment?

As scuba divers, we have the superpower of breathing underwater. To do it, we need scuba diving gear. To do it safely and comfortably, we need even more scuba diving equipment. Nevertheless, I feel like a superhero every time I don my wetsuit and BCD. This is also why scuba diving is perceived as an expensive sport. Our scuba gear doesn’t come cheap in

Cliffs of Tamadaba Natural Park - Agaete - Gran Canaria itinerary

2 weeks in Gran Canaria: my ultimate itinerary for scuba divers

Gran Canaria is often nicknamed the mini continent island among the Canary Islands. I now understand why due to its surprising variety of landscapes. Last summer, I was lucky to spend a month exploring the capital island of the Spanish archipelago. I had plenty of time to try things up between scuba diving in Gran Canaria and experimenting if Las Palmas could be my

Diving in Gran Canaria

Diving in Gran Canaria: my top 5 dive sites all around the island

Thanks to a previous short trip to Tenerife, I knew diving in the Canary Islands was underrated. So, I was excited to have a month diving in Gran Canaria to explore their waters further. Smaller than Tenerife, the island serves as the local capital of the Spanish archipelago. Maybe it isn’t fair to compare a 4-day trip in Tenerife with a 4-week trip to