World Dive Map : Top 150 scuba diving destinations

Wondering where are the best scuba diving destinations in the world?

Let me help you to find your next scuba diving adventure thanks to my World Dive Map.

It features 150 of the best places to scuba dive in the world, in warm like cold waters, from the Caribbean to the South Pacific, and from Iceland to Patagonia. Knowing where to go as a scuba diver is also the best way to meet like-minded friends and find a dive buddy if you travel alone.

10 years of travelling throughout every continent and thousands of hours of research are here summarised for you. I hope my World Dive Map will help you identify new destinations you haven’t thought about yet.

Please note that any destination promoting feeding or baited dives have been removed from this list, let’s promote together responsible diving tourism!

Colour code :

  • light blue : destinations I visited & published an article about
  • dark blue : destinations I visited
  • red : next destinations scheduled
  • green : still on the bucket-list

Regional guides to the best diving in the world

In addition to my World Dive Map, if you want to explore the best scuba diving destinations region by region, I recommend reading the following pages:


From Spain to Greece, the Mediterranean Sea in Southern Europe is a long-time favourite in the summer for European divers. However, experienced divers know the cold waters of Northern Europe can be dived all year-long with a drysuit to explore historic shipwrecks or surprising cold-water marine life such as the seals or the basking sharks.

Discover where is the Best diving in Europe.

The most popular places to scuba dive in Europe include Malta, Spain and Scotland.

Asia & the Pacific

The Asia-Pacific region might be the number one regions for scuba divers all over the world. With a combination of impressive coral reefs, pelagic action and affordable cost, South-East Asia especially became the go-to destinations for beginners divers. The Pacific region has some even more exciting promises but the cost is much higher so it usually a favourite among experienced divers only.

Discover where is the Best diving in Asia or only the best diving in the South Pacific.

The most popular places to scuba dive in Asia-Pacific are Bali, French Polynesia, the Philippines and Japan.

Americas & the Caribbean

While the Caribbean Islands are well known for tropical holidays by American like European scuba divers, the American continent is also full of incredible scuba diving adventures in warm like colder waters. 

Discover where is the Best diving in America.

The most popular places to scuba dive in the Americas are Hawaii, Florida, Mexico and the Galapagos.

Africa & the Middle-East

Egypt is the number one destinations for European scuba divers thanks to its warm waters and affordable costs. However, the African continent boasts incredible dive sites especially in the Indian Ocean on its southeastern coast.

Discover where is the best diving in Africa.

The most popular places to scuba dive in Africa and the Middle-East are Egypt, the Canary Islands and Madagascar.

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World Dive Map Top 150 scuba diving destinations in the world
World Dive Map Top 150 scuba diving destinations
  1. I absolutely love this map! It must have taken so much time to create it….? I am working on a similar thing but it just takes forever and there are far too many places where I would like to go diving. Great work 🙂 Thanks for that – just clicking through it to see if any of these places are missing on my list 😉


  2. Thank you very much, it took me about 3 years to collect information about all these interesting destinations 🙂


  3. Hi, you might want to visit us in Anilao, Batangas 🙂


  4. Awesome map! Think South Africa South Coast should have been on here.


    1. Hi Claire, thanks for your comment. I already added Gansbaii, would you like to recommend another spot?


  5. This map is absolutely useful for me. I’m gonna put this as guidance/wishlist to start my diving adventure someday. Thanks a lot ☺& good job!


    1. Thank you! So where are you going next?


      1. Dear Florine, I’m newbie in diving actually. But soon after I take diving course&license my first trip will be Nusa Lembongan/Penida. I really want to see Mola Mola (sunfish). That’s a must☺!
        *Started with snorkeling first by Jan 2016 at Blue Lagoon Beach, Bali


  6. Hi. I got my ow certificate last year in Thailand but since I live in Europe I do not know if I can dive as a newbie easily in Europe.
    Which places in Europe are good for new divers?


    1. Spain, Italy, Malta and Greece have great dive sites for beginners! click on the pins of the map to learn more about dive destinations in these countries 😉


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