World Dive Map

Find your next scuba diving adventure thanks to my World Dive Map, featuring more than 150 best places in the world for adventure diving and cultural discoveries. Hours of research, travelling throughout every continent, travellers’ recommendations and book readings are here summarised for you. On this map, you’ll find the destinations where I’ve already dived (in blue), my coming trips (in red) and the destinations on my bucket list (in green).

Looking for a specific dive centre? Have a look at the Dive Centres Directory arranged by country!

scubadiving aquamarineAchieved adventure scubadiving blueAchieved adventure scubadiving redComing trip scubadiving greenBucket list

My Dive Log: 22 countries and 65 dive destinations

Credits for icons: Matthias Stasiak 


  1. I absolutely love this map! It must have taken so much time to create it….? I am working on a similar thing but it just takes forever and there are far too many places where I would like to go diving. Great work 🙂 Thanks for that – just clicking through it to see if any of these places are missing on my list 😉


  2. Thank you very much, it took me about 3 years to collect information about all these interesting destinations 🙂


  3. Hi, you might want to visit us in Anilao, Batangas 🙂


  4. Awesome map! Think South Africa South Coast should have been on here.


    1. Hi Claire, thanks for your comment. I already added Gansbaii, would you like to recommend another spot?


  5. This map is absolutely useful for me. I’m gonna put this as guidance/wishlist to start my diving adventure someday. Thanks a lot ☺& good job!


    1. Thank you! So where are you going next?


      1. Dear Florine, I’m newbie in diving actually. But soon after I take diving course&license my first trip will be Nusa Lembongan/Penida. I really want to see Mola Mola (sunfish). That’s a must☺!
        *Started with snorkeling first by Jan 2016 at Blue Lagoon Beach, Bali

  6. […] dreaming about this place for so long, one of the earliest ones on my World Dive Map, and also because I’m huge Game of Throne fan, here I was, at the Azure Window of Djewra, and […]


  7. […] avoir rêvé de cet endroit si longtemps, l’un des premiers sur ma carte du monde des sites de plongée, et aussi parce que je suis une grande fan de Game of Throne, j’y étais finalement, à la […]


  8. […] better what you, dear readers, loved the most. I focused on organising trips among the most adventurous destinations of my World Dive Map, keeping improving my photography skills and sharing my personal travel […]


  9. […] until May. Nevertheless, if it wasn’t because of my eager to add another blue pin to my World Dive Map, I wouldn’t so easily accept new projects or plan my next 3 adventures at the same time. As a […]


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