Best diving in Africa & the Middle East

From Egypt to South Africa, the African continent is all about pure adventure.

The Red Sea is still one of the best places you can dive in the world, while Eastern Africa is slowly making a name for itself on the scuba diving scene with destinations such as Mozambique, Tanzania or Madagascar.

You can find my personal favourites with the ♥ symbol!

Want to visualise these incredible scuba diving destination on a map? Check my World Dive Map! Special note: destinations promoting unethical activities such as feeding and baiting have been excluded from this list.

Best diving in the Middle East & the Red Sea

  • Egypt
    • Sharm-el-Sheikh
    • Dahab ♥
    • Marsa Alam
  • Jordan
    • Dead Sea
  • Turkey

Best diving in Africa & the Indian Ocean

  • Cape Verde
    • Sal Island
  • South Africa
    • Sardine Run
  • Mozambique
    • Tofo Beach
  • Tanzania
    • Zanzibar Island
  • Malawi
    • Nkhata Bay, Lake Malawi
  • Madagascar
    • Nosy Be


Best diving in Africa and Middle EastBest diving in Africa and Middle EastBest diving in Africa and Middle East