Best diving in Americas & the Caribbean

From the USA to Argentina, the American continent offered me some of my most intense experiences such as scuba diving in the Great Blue Hole in Belize, the cenotes in Mexico, the crater of a volcano in Hawaii, with whale sharks in Honduras and with sea lions in Argentina. While the Caribbean Islands attract most of the attention of the holidaymakers, the colder waters are full of bucket list dives as well.

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You can also visualise all the incredible dive sites on my World Dive Map. If you have questions or suggestions, please join our Facebook group “Scuba diving in Americas & the Caribbean“.

Special note: destinations promoting unethical activities such as feeding and baiting have been excluded from this list.


Best diving in North America


Best diving in Central America & the Caribbean

scuba diving Utila Honduras

  • Belize
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
    • Little Corn Island
  • Costa Rica
    • Coco Islands
  • Panama
    • Coiba Island
  • Cuba
    • Gardens of the Queen
  • Lesser Antilles
    • Bonaire (Netherlands)
    • Guadeloupe (France)


Best diving in South America



Best diving in North AmericaBest diving in Central AmericaBest diving in South America