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Discover the reviews of my personal pieces of scuba diving gear including my BCD, my two dry suits and my collection of scuba diving travel bags.

Scuba gear: Is it worth buying your own diving equipment?

As scuba divers, we have the superpower of breathing underwater. To do it, we need scuba diving gear. To do it safely and comfortably, we need even more scuba diving equipment. Nevertheless, I feel like a superhero every time I don my wetsuit and BCD. This is also why scuba diving is perceived as an expensive sport. Our scuba gear doesn’t come cheap in

aqualung i330R

5 reasons to adopt the Aqualung i330R dive computer

My dive computer is the only piece of my scuba gear I can keep close to me every day. I use it as a watch; it is my link to the ocean, reminding me my next dive is only a matter of time. While I can’t do this with the i330R, it was, nonetheless, love at first dive. Saying the Aqualung i330R changes everything

Florine World Adventure divers Fusion drysuit diver in Croatia

Drysuit diving: things to know before giving it a go

As more divers look into local diving opportunities to halt a way too long surface interval, they all face the same struggle of potentially freezing once underwater. Indeed, for scuba divers in Europe or North America, local diving usually means cold water diving, especially in the winter months. But is freezing underwater inevitable? No, thanks to drysuits! This essential piece of any scuba diving

Aqua Lung Legend 3 review

Enter the LEG3ND: my review of Aqualung signature regulators

The third generation of Aqualung famous Legend regulators what the product release everyone was talking about on the floor of the latest DEMA and BOOT shows, in Florida and Germany, but also the Paris Dive Show. As I returned to the French Riviera to spend the summer, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to pay a visit to Aqualung France which has been

Aqualung outlaw rogue BCD review

Outlaw vs Rogue: full review of Aqualung minimalist BCDs

“No, Florine, it’s not a travel BCD, it’s a minimalist BCD”. You should have seen my face when at Paris Dive Show 2017, Aqualung’s product manager introduced me to the prototype of their brand new concept, the Outlaw. Too late, I was already in love. Minimalism is not something I fancy, it’s my way of living (says the girl who carry 20 kg of

How to pack scuba diving gear in a cabin carry-on luggage

The perfect scuba diving bag doesn’t exist?

#NeverWithoutMyGear. It took me only a year after my open water certification to understand how much I hated renting scuba diving gear in dive centres: never the right size, questionable maintenance, bad habits of other scuba divers (you know what I’m talking about), you name it. Before I went on my first big scuba diving adventure of 5 weeks around Mexico, Guatemala and Belize, I

Aqua Lung Fusion Fit dry suit trial Toulon France

Full review of my Fusion drysuit in 5 adventures

The day I became a drysuit diver, a whole new world unfolded before me. I didn’t need to wait anymore for the diving season or my next holiday to tropical locations. Thanks to drysuit diving I could dive anytime, anywhere. It took me some time to buy my own, but then for 3 years, my Aqua Lung Blizzard 7mm neoprene drysuit has been my

Aqua Lung Blizzard Drysuit Florine World Adventure Divers

The quest for the perfect drysuit

3 years and a half. This is the time it took me to finally acquire my very first drysuit. Here is the story of my successful/unsuccessful trials of my early years of drysuit diving and my tips to choose yours. Every time I jumped in the water wearing a new one it was full of learning toward one goal: feeling good underwater whatever extreme cold