Scuba diving near Edinburgh: let’s explore the Firth of Forth

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With the wonderful Easter weekend we had in Scotland, I felt so lucky I had booked 2 dives in Burntisland, Fife, near Edinburgh, just across the bridge. Crazy but true, almost a year after I moved to Scotland, it was only my third dive trip. I am still struggling with booking more dive trips around Scotland. Sure, diving in Scotland is a challenge, but I was quite not expecting this one. At least, I would try once Edinburgh diving.

Even if the visibility was reduced and the water only 6°C (water in Scotland is at the coldest in Spring, like in most places in Europe) colourful treasures lie all over the silty sea bed of Blae Rock. I found spider crabs, dahlia anemones, sagartia anemones, plumose anemones, hermit crabs and so many sea urchins, starfish and especially brittle stars.

It was the first time I could dive with my brand new diving torchlight, specially made for video. I should say for a first trial I’m pretty happy. Chances are, you will be amazed at the colours of the marine life on the silty floor of the Firth of Forth. Note for next time: lower the intensity of the light for the close-up.

I am sure the grey seal I saw a couple of times at the surface was following us during the entire dive. I am really disappointed I couldn’t see it underwater. Hopefully, next time I can see it!

With such a beautiful day I included at the end of the video the beautiful sunset I saw as I was about to cross the Forth bridge to come back home after my dives.

So, would you have guessed you could scuba dive so close to Edinburgh?

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Posted by Florine

  1. They anemones have turned out really well. You never thanked your wonderful Divebunker dive guide 😁


  2. Fantastic video!! You’re braver than me! Must’ve been freezing, no?


    1. Thank you! Well 6°C is not very warm but with a dry suit it is definitely ok! I’m going to Iceland this week… this is going to be a freezing dive! 🙂


      1. Have a fantastic time! Iceland (and Greenland) are my top countries to visit next!


        1. Thanks! You can join World Adventure Divers community on Facebook to follow my trip to Iceland. I will post on a daily basis there pictures and information about my adventure in the land of ice and fire!


  3. So many starfish! Surreal! I would love to dive in the UK one day.


    1. Don’t hesitate to contact if you want to go diving in Scotland. I have added scuba diving events on Facebook for this summer with the Basking shark in Lochaline and historical wreck diving in Scapaflow, Orkney.


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