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Diving in Scotland is one of the best in Europe with famous diving spots such as Orkney and famous dives such as Scapa Flow shipwrecks from WWI and WWII. Scotland is a great destination for scuba divers who love wreck diving and basking sharks. A little less known, you can also give a try at diving in the Sound of Mull on the west coast of Scotland.

The marine life in Scotland is mostly about basking sharks, grey seals, dogfish, sun starfish and cuckoo wrasses. It’s the right place to go for experienced divers mainly. Due to the water temperatures, regarding scuba gear, it is most common to scuba dive there in a dry suit. The best time of the year is often from May to August. The best Scottish dive sites can be reached by boat or from the shore.

Below you will find all my best scuba diving stories from diving in Scotland. I share my top tips on how to organise your trip, my favourites dives, what is the best itinerary or how to do it without breaking the bank. From a travel budget point of view, Scotland is a higher budget destination, so save up accordingly.

Scuba diving in Scotland: my ultimate road trip across the Highlands

After travelling all around Scotland for two years while looking for the best scuba diving sites, including diving in Scapa Flow, here it is a one-week road trip itinerary showing in quite a short time the best glimpse of the Highlands. As it is a shore diving road trip, it means you only need a car and 2 tanks per person. By scuba diving

A lucky last dive in St. Abbs, Scotland

Located only 1 hour driving south of Edinburgh, St. Abbs is an adorable fishermen village on the east coast of Scotland. 2 years ago, when I just had moved to Scotland, it was one of the first dive destinations I had heard about diving in Scotland. It is kind of interesting to think this is the one I finished my scuba diving tour of

Diving Scapa Flow: an epic road trip from Edinburgh to Orkney

Scapa… Flow… If you are a passionate wreck diver, you know how much of a legend this scuba diving destination is. If this the first time you hear about this place, let me tell you its story and history, and you’ll understand why you need to put diving Scapa Flow on the top of your scuba diving bucket list in Europe. Chances are you

Diving in the Farne Islands with grey seals

5.00 am. That was the time I put on my alarm clock that morning of early September. My drysuit and my diving equipment were ready in my bag and the 2 filled scuba diving cylinders were waiting for me in the car. At 5.30 am, after a quick coffee, I was on the road, ready to go diving in the Farnes Islands. Even if

basking sharks scotland

Shark diving in Scotland? Meet the basking sharks in the Sound of Mull

It was my second summer in Scotland. Like last year I had just arrived, I decided this year to use the experience I built up and to stay in Scotland the entire summer to explore more of the country underwater and beyond. The two scuba diving weekends I spent in Lochaline, exploring the Sound of Mull, were above all expectations: incredible wildlife to watch,

Scuba diving near Edinburgh: let’s explore the Firth of Forth

With the wonderful Easter weekend we had in Scotland, I felt so lucky I had booked 2 dives in Burntisland, Fife, near Edinburgh, just across the bridge. Crazy but true, almost a year after I moved to Scotland, it was only my third dive trip. I am still struggling with booking more dive trips around Scotland. Sure, diving in Scotland is a challenge, but

Kerrera Sound - scuba diving in Scotland

Diving in Scotland? Challenge accepted!

It was part of the deal: I moved from Paris to Scotland to finally live surrounded by the sea and go as often as possible scuba diving in Scotland. Of course, the water is not really at a tropical temperature but since I am a dry suit diver, what is the problem? Yet, after 10 months in my new country, I have to admit