seahorse thau lagoon France

Diving detours in the other south of France: Sète & Thau Lagoon

After my trip to Millau in Aveyron, I had to return to Montpellier to catch my train back to Paris. Instead of going back home right away, I thought it was the opportunity to go scuba diving in Thau Lagoon again by going back to Sète. The picturesque harbour between the Mediterranean coast and Thau Lagoon is only 20 minutes away from Montpellier. 8

Florine river diving at Gorges du Tarn France - Plongée dans les Gorges du Tarn

Diving detours in the other south of France: Millau & The Gorges du Tarn

Every time you saw me taking a train to the “South” to escape Paris I was either going diving in Marseille or Toulon, heading to some of the finest diving in France, including Calanques National Park and Port-Cros National Park. It is quite funny to note that every time someone refers to the “South” in France, we generally mean French Riviera and Provence exclusively.

Scuba diving in Port-Cros National Park France

Scuba diving in France: things to know before you go

Like many things, the French like to do it differently. Scuba diving is, unfortunately, one of those things that don’t work in the same way the rest of the world does. This article is not meant to judge whether it is a good thing. It is a practical guide if you intend to visit France with scuba diving in mind or if you live

How I almost gave up writing about Ocean Conservation

Do you know the legend of the hummingbird? One day a terrible fire broke out in a forest. Frightened, all the animals fled their homes and ran out of the forest. As they came to the edge of a stream, they stopped to watch the fire and they were feeling very discouraged and powerless. They were all bemoaning the destruction of their homes. Every

How to pack scuba diving gear in a cabin carry-on luggage

The perfect scuba diving bag doesn’t exist?

#NeverWithoutMyGear. It took me only a year after my open water certification to understand how much I hated renting scuba diving gear in dive centres: never the right size, questionable maintenance, bad habits of other scuba divers (you know what I’m talking about), you name it. Before I went on my first big scuba diving adventure of 5 weeks around Mexico, Guatemala and Belize, I

2 weeks in Hawaii - Honaunau National Historical Park Big Island Hawaii

Scuba diving in Hawaii: my ultimate 2-week itinerary

“Are you getting married, Florine?”, “Did you go on honeymoon?”- “Whaaaat? Nooo…“ This is pretty much the type of conversation I had on and on, before and after my 2 week trip to Hawaii. The reason? The Hawaiian Archipelago seems such a fantasy destination beyond reach that most people believed it had to be for my big day. For sure, seen from Europe, going

World Adventure Divers in Hawaii

My top 10 dives of 2017

The New Year is the perfect moment to look back at another year that passed. Last year, I was surprised of what I achieved in a year, but when I look back at 2017, 22 scuba diving locations in 8 different countries in 10 months, it makes me eager to know what will happen in 2018! From ice diving in the French Alps to

Turtle Mala Wharf shore diving Lahaina Maui Hawaii

Shore diving in Maui: Hawaii’s best-kept secret

The Hawaiian Archipelago is full of bucket list dives with exciting adventures such as diving in the crater of a volcano or night diving with manta rays, but all of these scuba diving trips come at a high price tag. To be clear, I have rarely paid so much for a dive. At the same time, I was not expecting I could go shore diving