Dive in history: underwater Pompeii in Pozzuoli, Italy

Since my archaeological surprises in South Turkey, I should say I developed a keen interested in finding new destinations with archaeological diving experience. While doing some research, I spotted Alexandria in Egypt and Pozzuoli in Italy. This is how, just before moving to Scotland, with

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[VIDEO] Snow shoes & Scuba tanks in Switzerland

Scuba diving below the ice? This is the challenge I took at Lioson Lake, in Les Mosses, in the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland. We had to climb up to 1850m of altitude in snow shoes to reach the lake and our chalet for the

Becoming a certified ice diver in Switzerland

Nestled in the heart of the Alps and historically valuing neutrality, Switzerland is both in and outside Europe in its very own peaceful way. Beyond its aura of international peacemaker with the famous city of Geneva, which gathers not less than UN and Red Cross

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[VIDEO] Diving Netrani Island, India

As I made presentations about my most off the beaten track scuba diving adventures for the Paris Dive Show this year, I selected Netrani Island in India to be one of them. I realised I never edited the videos I shot there in December 2013.

A scuba diving expedition tale from Goa to Karnataka, India

“Messy”, “Magic”, “Dirty”, “Dazzling”…I heard so much before I touched the Indian ground for the first time! Dirty and messy? Well, this is kind of omnipresent reality, so much that most visitors get the view blurred about anything else and tend not to like India… at

Cenote diving Mexico

Between fresh & sea water: my cenote diving experience in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Mexico is such a fascinating country. It might be culturally part of Latin America, but it is geographically part of North America. This geography detail has a tremendous importance if you want to understand its cultural background. From a European point of view like mine, Mexico has

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[VIDEO] Argentina underwater & beyond

This video is the summary of my Argentinian adventure of 2013.  I made a tour of Argentina from Iguazu to Tierra del Fuego, via Buenos Aires and Patagonia. I went scuba diving in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, with southern king crabs (Centollas) and with sea lions in Puerto Madryn, Patagonia.

A foretaste of Antarctica in Ushuaia, Argentina

I have many scuba diving books at home, but few of them deal with what I’m looking for… inspirational places with unique scuba diving experience. Knowing that I wanted to go to Argentina a long time ago, I started quickly to look for the scuba

Scuba & the City : Underwater adventures in Marseille, France

Of all the places I’ve dived in, only one so far offered the possibility of gathering a vibrant city life with scuba diving adventures. This place happens to be in my homeland, in France, in the second largest town in the country: Marseille. European capital

My Divemaster journey in Koh Tao, Thailand

After 3 years of travelling and 120 dives around the World, during my trip to Turkey in October 2012, I felt it was time to go to the next step in scuba diving. I thought I would do it in Mexico, then in Indonesia, but each