5 awesome things to do in Alonissos, Greece

Me, going to a Greek Island, and just doing nothing? No, this is just unthinkable! Even if this time I enjoyed a more relaxing pace than usual and considered my scuba diving holiday in Alonissos a perfect summer retreat, I couldn’t help exploring the island and uncovering the most extraordinary things you could do there. An adventurer may need to rest sometimes, but you

scuba diving in Verzasca River Switzerland

Verzasca Express: a river diving adventure to Switzerland

In Europe, we are lucky to have a large diversity of dive sites. When I found out about river diving in Switzerland, I knew I had to go. In a nutshell, no list of the best diving in Europe would be complete without the Verzasca River. The only problem was to understand how to do it, and it took me a while. Ticino is

Chora Old Town Alonissos Greece

Island hopping in the Northern Sporades, Greece

While everyone is flocking to Crete or the Cyclades, I decided this summer to explore a lesser-known region of the Northern Aegean Sea by going island hopping in the Sporades, in Northern Greece. You can choose to share your time between Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, the three islands of the archipelago or only stay in one during your entire holiday. There are many opportunities

Diving Porquerolles France

Porquerolles : the scuba diving gem of the French Riviera

There is an island in the south of France that seems to be much further away than Europe. Its turquoise waters feel like being a part of the Caribbean. Only the ancient olive trees and the singing cicadas will remind you that you are still in Provence, where the French Riviera starts. Just off the shores of Hyères Peninsula, Porquerolles is far from the

wearing my GirlsThatScuba mask strap on Womens Dive Day in the French Riviera

A (very) personal opinion on PADI Women’s Dive Day

The Women’s Dive Day is an event organised all over the world, mid-July, by PADI since 2015; last year there were more than 700 events in 77 countries. Since I heard about it, I thought it was an excellent initiative. With only a bit more than 35% of women in scuba diving, I guessed it was a good way to promote scuba diving as

Toulon Bay ports French Riviera France

5 reasons to explore Toulon, my scuba home in France

When I moved back from Scotland to France, I had mixed feelings. I would see all my friends and family again, and I would find delicious food and wine on the table. However, Paris would still be crowded, polluted and far from the ocean. I may have stayed only 2 years in Scotland, but it was enough time to make good friends and feel

2 weeks in Croatia - View of Hvar Town and the Pakleni Islands from the Spanish Fortress - plongée Croatie

Diving in Croatia: island hopping from Split to Dubrovnik

Croatia was on the top of my European scuba diving bucket list for some years before I book that flight ticket that would finally take me to Split. I started building my itinerary back in 2012. First, I quickly identified that between Split and Dubrovnik, there is a multitude of beautiful islands with excellent dive sites, some of the best diving in Europe. However,

Aqua Lung Fusion Fit dry suit trial Toulon France

Full review of my Fusion drysuit in 5 adventures

The day I became a drysuit diver, a whole new world unfolded before me. I didn’t need to wait anymore for the diving season or my next holiday to tropical locations. Thanks to drysuit diving I could dive anytime, anywhere. It took me some time to buy my own, but then for 3 years, my Aqua Lung Blizzard 7mm neoprene drysuit has been my