Coral View Utila - 2 weeks in Honduras

2 weeks in Honduras: my ultimate itinerary

Honduras is step by step building a name for itself through scuba diving and eco-tourism adventures in Central America for a fraction of the cost of some of its more famous neighbours. I spent 2 weeks in March diving in Utila and exploring solo some of the highlights of this beautiful country covered by green forests, mountains and plantations. Suffering from some bad reputations

scuba diving Utila Honduras

10 reasons to go diving in Utila, Honduras

The main reason I came to Honduras was to hopefully achieve my dream of swimming with whale sharks. While I wasn’t disappointed, I discovered a piece of paradise in the Bay Islands of Honduras: Utila. Not only scuba diving is good in Utila and it is one of the cheapest diving destinations but I discovered there were many things besides whale sharks to be

Whale sharks Utila Honduras March 2017

How my whale shark dream became true in Utila, Honduras

After hundreds of dives all around the world, I thought I was cursed. I could have seen one whale shark was in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia. The whale shark was below the boat at the safety stop, but I had ascended way before everyone else as my buddy had emptied his tank in 20 minutes. A year later, I went back to Koh Tao for my

Scuba diving Izu Ocean Park Japan

Mission Scuba diving from Tokyo to Izu, Japan

With 29,751 km of coast and 6,852 islands, anyone would guess there should be some decent diving somewhere in Japan. Indeed, there is, and it is incredible. However, it has remained so far out of the radar of international dive travellers for one main reason: the language barrier. The Japanese scuba diving community is big and active, there are many clubs all around Japan, but

How my scuba diving addiction messed up my love life

Watch out if you’re a beginner scuba diver or considering passing your open water level. Scuba diving is a highly addictive activity. Before pursuing further, you may want to consider what scuba diving and travelling extensively did to my relationships and decide for yourself… I’m sure most of you remember this video from PADI “Never fall in love with a scuba diver” which was

ice diving Val Thorens French Alps

Ice diving above 2000m in Val Thorens, French Alps

When I came back to Paris on Monday from my weekend in the French Alps, the same conversation came back a few times: “You spent the weekend in the Alps? Cool! You managed to ski a lot?” “Well I didn’t go skiing, I was ice diving.“ “Wait… Whaaat?“ This year I had a very early opening of my scuba diving season with one of

My top 10 dives of 2016

When I look back at 2016, I can hardly believe what I achieved in one year: 14 different dive destinations in 12 months! I started my year in the Florida Keys followed by the exploration of the springs of Northern Florida. When I came back to Scotland, I extensively dived the sea lochs of the Highlands and finally dived in St Abbs, east coast

See Rome and dive in Capo d’Acqua, Italy

Scuba diving road trips in Italy start to be a love affair with my blog. What can I do? Every time someone mentions an exciting diving adventure in Italy, I happen to book the flight ticket the following day! I think you can see the pattern now: I love Italy for the cultural wealth and diversity of its regions, the succulent food specialities in each of