An enthralling night at the Ocean Film Festival

I still have goosebumps about it. The 2 hours I spent at the Edinburgh Festival Theater for the only date in Scotland of the UK tour of the Ocean Film Festival were emotional for an ocean lover like me. My expectations were to take some quality inspiration for my underwater videography work. What happened was a bit different. I took a couple of interesting

basking sharks scotland

Shark diving in Scotland? Meet the basking sharks in the Sound of Mull

It was my second summer in Scotland. Like last year I had just arrived, I decided this year to use the experience I built up and to stay in Scotland the entire summer to explore more of the country underwater and beyond. The two scuba diving weekends I spent in Lochaline, exploring the Sound of Mull, were above all expectations: incredible wildlife to watch,

5 secrets to travel & dive more

You’re maybe wondering by reading my diving blog how I am doing to go to so many places so often. I am not especially rich but I am taking care thoroughly of my expenses. I am not free to go anytime I want as I still work Monday to Friday to pay my bills. So what are my secrets to travel and dive on

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Scuba divers Koh Tao Thailand South West Pinnacle

[VIDEO] Diving into a fish tornado in Koh Tao, Thailand

All the best moments, surrounded by thousands of fish, during my divemaster training in Koh Tao, Thailand, are here summarised in this video. The two best dive sites for huge schools of fish are Chumpon Pinnacle and Sail Rock. The latter is a bit further away. It is located between Koh Tao and Koh Phangan. Fusilier, jack Fish and barracuda are swirling all around us and

Scuba diving shows in Europe: season 2015/2016

I am a big fan of scuba diving shows and events. Every time I can, I make sure to join. Why? I have 3 main reasons: Getting inspiration about new places I haven’t considered yet and discovering the new trends in the scuba diving industry. Seeing the latest line-up of scuba diving equipment, asking directly questions to the manufacturers’ representatives and buying gear taking

A long scuba diving weekend in Reykjavik, Iceland

When I discovered I could fly direct from Edinburgh to Reykjavik in only 2h30 with a low-cost flight ticket, it didn’t take me long before booking my flight. Why, while living in Scotland, did I want to go to such a cold place on a short holiday? The promises of wild and almost extra-terrestrial nature and a scuba diving adventure in the clearest water

Scuba diving Silfra Lagoon Iceland

Diving in Silfra: a crystal clear dive with 100 m visibility in Iceland

Imagine being on an island in the North-East Atlantic Ocean, less than 300km from the Arctic Circle. It’s 8 am, you feel the frosty wind biting the skin of your cheeks and still, you’re putting a dry suit on, hypnotised by the blue transparency of Silfra fissure water. Ready? From the moment you put your head under the surface, diving in Silfra is 35