See Rome and dive in Capo d’Acqua, Italy

Scuba diving road trips in Italy start to be a love affair with my blog. What can I do? Every time someone mentions an exciting diving adventure in Italy, I happen to book the flight ticket the following day! I think you can see the pattern now: I love Italy for the cultural wealth and diversity of its regions, the succulent food specialities in each of

Le Rubis submarine wreck dive Cavalaire France

Le Rubis, submarine wreck diving in French Riviera

A few miles ashore from Cavalaire, French Riviera, lies at 40 m deep a famous submarine of WWII: the Rubis (Ruby in English). Cavalaire is about an hour driving from Toulon and about 30 minutes from Saint Tropez. You can also dive the submarine from Le Lavandou and then easily combine this dive with Port-Cros National Park. The 66m submarine was part of the

Menjangan Island Bali Indoensia

100th post! looking back at my 5 year blogging journey…

It’s almost hard to believe, but here it is, my 100th blog post! Since I created my diving blog in January 2012, during a jet-lagged all-nighter in Singapore, on my way to my first trip to Indonesia, so much has happened. I went from warm seas dive traveller to pro adventure blogger not afraid to dive below the ice. Sometimes, after long hours of

Dive camp weekend in Zeeland, Netherlands

My beginnings with scuba diving are surprisingly linked to Belgium. After a few trips in Thailand, Egypt and Mexico, this is where I organised a gathering of dive travel addicts from all over Europe. This event with its cultural mix and passion for scuba diving from every attendee profoundly inspired the first articles on this blog. I went back 2 years later and as

My first rebreather experience at DIVE2016, Birmingham, UK

Yes, you can definitely spend your entire weekend at a dive show and still have a lot of fun! This is exactly what I did last weekend in Birmingham, UK, for the 2016 edition of the DIVE show. Not only I got to talk with incredible people, discover new destinations to inspire your next dream scuba diving holiday or adventure, but I also tried shiny

Diving Tenerife: eagle rays & volcanic magic

Take a group of nine adventure travel bloggers specialised in surfing, cycling and scuba diving to the mecca of British package holidays, shake it well, and see if you can show that Tenerife, the biggest of the Canary Islands, has more to offer than lazy sunbathing. This is the mission my adventure blogging mates and I were given by Thomas Cook Airlines. With a bit

Mission Gozo Blue Hole

While I was diving in Malta, I couldn’t resist visiting its sister island, Gozo (Għawdex in Maltese). Only 14km by 7km, Gozo is a short ferry ride away on the northwest side of the Maltese Archipelago. I heard many times that it was a favourite among European scuba divers for a sunny scuba diving hideaway. However, the goal of my trip to Malta was mainly wreck diving. So I initially

Diving Malta: a first-timer guide

I wasn’t supposed to go on summer holidays that year. But when one of my dive buddies told me he found good deals on return flights for the end of July, in the middle of the peak season, 1 hour and 200€ less on my bank account later, I had booked a 10-day diving trip to Malta. I had visited the Mediterranean island country once