Movie about Jacques Cousteau to be released in October 2016

Which scuba diver doesn’t know the father of modern scuba diving? I know I’m not the only one who was dreaming of underwater adventures during my childhood in the 90’s while watching incredible documentaries of the Commander Cousteau. Not only he was the first to won

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[PHOTO ESSAY] Loch diving in Scotland

We are very lucky in Scotland. Thanks to its rugged geography and mild weather (please understand not warm in the summer but never too cold in the winter), we can dive all year round in the sea lochs (similar to the Norwegian Fjords) when the weather

How I became a Citizen Scientist with “Capturing our Coast” in Scotland

It all started with a post from Bangor University, Wales, shared by a friend on Facebook. The post was saying “WANTED: budding scientists to capture our coast. If you have a passion for the UK’s coastline, you are invited to help make history by being

The scuba diving secrets of Budapest, Hungary

I heard for such a long time about the beauty of the capital city of Hungary. The banks of the Danube River, the lace architecture of the Hungarian Parliament, and the Buda Castle overlooking it all. Beyond its fabulous patrimony, I knew the dark history

Dive shows season 2016/2017

I did it again: I couldn’t resist to visiting scuba diving shows at the beginning of the year. On my way back from Florida to Scotland, I stopped in Paris to visit for the 5th time the Paris Dive Show (“Salon de la plongée”). Mid-February, I decided

Scuba diving road trip in Florida: 15 Things you need to know

If you enjoyed my posts about Miami, the Florida Keys and the Northern Florida Springs, you may now wonder how to organise such an adventure. If travelling to the United States doesn’t pose any particular issue, there were a few things I needed to be

Scuba diving Florida - Plongée Floride

Springs in Florida : diving in Crystal River and the Devil’s Den

To drive the 500 km/311 mi. from Miami to Crystal River, after a tropical week in the Florida Keys, it had to be for something exciting.  I only had 2 days ahead of me before driving back south to get the best glimpse of diving the springs