Scuba diving Silfra Lagoon Iceland

Diving in Silfra: a crystal clear dive with 100m visibility in Iceland

Imagine being on an island in the North-East Atlantic Ocean, less than 300km from the Arctic Circle. It’s 8 am, you feel the frosty wind biting the skin of your cheeks and still, you’re putting a dry suit on, hypnotised by the blue transparency of Silfra fissure water. Ready? From the moment you put your head under the surface, diving in Silfra is 35

Scuba diving near Edinburgh: let’s explore the Firth of Forth

With the wonderful Easter weekend we had in Scotland, I felt so lucky I had booked 2 dives in Burntisland, Fife, near Edinburgh, just across the bridge. Crazy but true, almost a year after I moved to Scotland, it was only my third dive trip. I am still struggling with booking more dive trips around Scotland. Sure, diving in Scotland is a challenge, but

The world’s deepest pool could be soon in the UK

Fantastic news for all British scuba divers: the World’s deepest pool will be soon in the UK! This announcement is actually happening not such a long time after the opening of Y-40 in Italy in June last year. It is the current World’s deepest scuba diving pool. I took its status to the historical deepest indoor scuba diving facility Nemo 33, in Belgium, which

skiathos airport Greece

Diving and Flying : 5 things you need to know

It is now so easy to fly to any country on the other side of the world in less than a day for a much accessible price than it used to be before. When you are a scuba diving traveller, there are a couple of things to know to make your trip safer and cheaper when flying and diving. The most important of all is of

Kerrera Sound - scuba diving in Scotland

Diving in Scotland? Challenge accepted!

It was part of the deal: I moved from Paris to Scotland to finally live surrounded by the sea and go as often as possible scuba diving in Scotland. Of course, the water is not really at a tropical temperature but since I am a dry suit diver, what is the problem? Yet, after 10 months in my new country, I have to admit

Aqua Lung Blizzard Drysuit Florine World Adventure Divers

The quest for the perfect drysuit

3 years and a half. This is the time it took me to finally acquire my very first drysuit. Here is the story of my successful/unsuccessful trials of my early years of drysuit diving and my tips to choose yours. Every time I jumped in the water wearing a new one it was full of learning toward one goal: feeling good underwater whatever extreme cold

Porcelain crab - Diving Visayas Philippines

2 weeks in the Visayas: my ultimate itinerary for scuba divers

I thought I was going back to South East Asia by going for 2 weeks in the Philippines. But the Archipelago, located on the edge of the coral triangle, has a unique feel. I couldn’t help thinking I was in a baffling mix of Indonesia and Mexico. Colonised by the Spanish for more than 300 years from 1591 with the arrival of Magellan to 1898 when

Thresher Shark Malapascua Philippines

Diving Malapascua : playing hide and seek with the thresher shark

Going to the Philippines without indulging myself with some relaxing time on a paradise island? No, of course, that was not possible! But instead of going to overcrowded Bocaray, I decided to end my island hopping tour in the Visayas by Malapascua, the tiny island on the northeast tip of Cebu Island.  Only 2km long by 1 km wide, the island of Malapascua is