Florine: travel blogger & PADI divemaster

Florine World Aventure Divers dry suit diving Scotland

I was born in Nantes, France, the hometown of Jules Verne, the author of 20,000 Leagues under the sea, one of my favourite books ever since my childhood. Mobilis in Mobile: After spending more than 20 years along the Atlantic Ocean, in La Baule, swimming and wind surfing, I have developed a serious travelling  and scuba diving addiction. I have travelled to more than 40 countries including 2 years in Scotland, 1 year in Canada, 2 months in Thailand, 1 month in Indonesia, 1 month in the Philippines, 1 month in Mexico and 1 month in Argentina.  If you ask me where  I’m from, I will answer that home is everywhere I had the time to make meaningful connections.

I became a scuba diver at 25 during my first solo backpacking trip in Thailand. Since then, I have been exploring the world even more intensively. 3 years and a half later, I came back to Thailand to become a Divemaster. With more than 400 dives all around the world, today my scuba specialities are deep diving, drysuit diving, nitrox, ice diving, wreck diving and underwater photography/videography. In 2012, I started putting together my thoughts and pictures into inspiring articles about each destination I have travelled to. This how I created WorldAdventureDivers.com, a dive travel blog to share the way I love to travel and dive the world.

Discover my map of the countries where I travelled and dived and my scuba travel bucket list:

201509 world dive map

Beyond scuba diving, I’m always eager to discover more about culture, art and cuisine everywhere I go. My native language is French, but I’m a fluent speaker in English & Spanish. As I’m a lifelong language nerd, my new challenge is to learn Japanese. I started learning English at 6, so it is almost my second native language. It felt more natural for me to write this blog in English as a medium to connect with as many scuba travellers as possible around the world. I also have started to translate some of my articles into French as part of a partnership with Aqua Lung.

I hope you will find this blog inspiring and encouraging for your next adventure. You can contact me through Facebook, Twitter or by email at: florine@worldadventuredivers.com


14 responses to “About

  1. Fantastic !!! You’ve been dive all over the world and also Indonesia (my country). There are so many places to visit and uncounted spots to dive.
    Happy to share all these evperiences.

  2. Hello Florine, very nice blog! Traveling and diving? Hey, that’s what I am doing whenever I can afford it. Fun fact 1: I hope that I will be a dive master, too, till the end of august. Fun fact 2: Since last october I am learning japanese 😉 . So, let’s start with: こんにちは、を元気ですか。

    By the way: I returned a few days ago from a trip to South Africa. I joined the sardine run and did some dives at Protea Banks. What can I say: Diving in South Africa is quite demanding, especially at this time of year (it’s winter down there!). It’s cold, it’s rough, it’s wild – and it’s big big fun!!!

    Sadly, I just had two weeks time. That’s far too little for such an amazing country. Next time, I have to stay there for a longer time. I think one month should be a minimum.

    • ありがとうございます。元気です。スキューバダイビングはとても面白いですね。 South Africa is definitely on my bucket list, but for the moment the call for Asia is too strong! 🙂

      • はい、スキューバダイビングが一番好きです。Where do you want to go in Asia? Already figured out or is it still the “planning phase” 😉 ?

  3. Hi Florine,

    You are living the dream. Diving and traveling 🙂

    I am from Germany and became a PADI instructor when I was in my mid twenties. Now I live in Thailand at Koh Samui and living the dream as well.

    I am following your blog now and I am looking forward for many more interesting blog posts to come.

    • Hi Dominic, you are living the dream too, I live in Europe at the moment and Thailand is such an amazing place. I’m looking forward to coming back soon 😉

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